Fad or a good idea?

Fad or a good idea?

Fad or a good idea?
I have been in the wellness industry for a long time and have seen a lot of information about diets and their claims. Many “fads’ and trends come and go…some of these can be a “stayer” while others are modified and tweaked and others completely abandoned.

Fads can be the foundation of a great idea for therapeutic gains through diet!

Here’s my perspective on some “fad diets”

Pritkin Diet …great for losing weight and lowering cholesterol but so low in fat it caused deficiencies leading to health problems.

Atkin’s diet …high protein and high fat seemed a fun way to lose weight and normalise blood sugar however participants ended up constipated and complained of body odour and bad breath.

Lance Armstrong’s Zone Diet…this has been really useful in educating the public about portions and determining what is a good or bad carb.

The Ketogenic Diet..puts the body into a mild ketogenic state where the body utilises fat stores as a source of energy and preserves muscle. This has been found to be a quick method for losing weight but there have been similar negative issues as found with the Atkin’s diet. It’s all very well to lose weight, however we need nutrients from a variety of sources such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter which discusses the Paleo Diet and the Sugar Free Diet plus what is the BEST diet?