Reboot the System with a 'Detox'

Reboot the System with a 'Detox'

Christmas overindulgences, endless social events or perhaps a “holiday” from the usual healthy eating pattern?

Being “off track” for a period of time can lead to:

Feeling bloated


‘Fuzzy headed’

Change in digestive/bowel function


Weight gain

Hormonal issues

Bad breath

Skin complaints

A detox is a great opportunity to “clean up your act” and start feeling well again.

The type of detox we recommend is one that is whole-food focused which includes lots of fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables, spices and moderate amounts of whole grains, low in saturated fats and fructose as well as being gluten and dairy free. No processed, refined or packaged foods.

Remedies are prescribed on an individualised basis, that facilitate the detoxification process – not everyone is the same – different bodies have different needs. The sole remedies that might be required are those that:

Alkalise the body

Assist in the removal of wastes via the kidneys

Provide liver support, especially detoxification pathways

Stimulates digestive secretions including bile flow

Correct gut flora imbalances

Chelating effect on heavy metals

Assists hormonal balance

A detox will give the body a break from everyday “junk” and restart or introduce good eating habits and have you feeling great again.