Top 5 tips for ageing well!

Top 5 tips for ageing well!

1. Beating the bloat

Does your abdomen have a life of its own?
Don’t ignore bloating, flatulence, gurgling, heavy sensation after meals or indigestion. Use these symptoms as a sign your digestive secretions, microbiome or gut mucosa needs attention. Having an optimal functioning gastrointestinal system allows you to assimilate and absorb more nutrients from your food as well as having an impact on inflammatory conditions, immunity and reducing susceptibility to diseases.

2. Sleep…a youth elixir

Sleep is a casualty of these modern times so reclaim it!
For most people,sleeping during the hours before midnight is the most beneficial for replenishing DHEA levels which is considered a youth serum. Recent studies have revealed there is some evidence that while you are sleeping, your brain is able to give itself a “clean out” of amyloid. This is the substance that can form plaques which is linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

3. GP connection

Having a good GP in your life can be the difference between a quick procedure and recovery or a forever life changing or end hastening disease. You might look and feel really healthy and look after yourself but it is imperitive at a certain age to have regular checks with your GP. Naturopaths will help you with energy levels, gut health, hormonal imbalances and so on but do not diagnose disease. Your GP doesn’t have to embrace natural therapies but as long as they don’t “froth at the mouth” at the mere mention, they respect what you have to say and are extremely competent is what counts. Maintaining a relationship with the SAME GP is important too.

4. Health kicks….getting the balance right

A complete lack of exercise is a disaster for your health however sometimes a health kick can lead to burnout and/or injury due to overtraining while undernourished. It is possible to excercise too much, for too long or a at dangerously high intensity. The health benefits of exercise are huge such as for mental and gut health, bone density and strength, hormonal balancing, cancer prevention and longevity. There needs to be a balance of exercise, recovery time a good nutrition.

5. Plant food is King!

diet that is predominately composed of plant foods while consuming adequate amounts of lean protein and small amounts of good oils is the way to go! This types of diet is the one that supports the best muscle and fat composition while keeping cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and diabetes at bay.

All of these tips are are examples of the holistic approach to disease prevention and ageing well and I am happy to guide you with this process taking your bioindividuality and ability into account.